Meet the 23-year-old blues phenom from St. Charles

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The terms singer, songwriter, musician, and bandleader all describe Tyler Stokes, but I walked away from this interview thinking of him as an extremely wise and intelligent young man with amazing insight and vision. In Tyler I found a breed of musicians that defines a new generation, influenced at a young age by the best rock and blues artists the age of their parents, grandparents and older.

My friend Scott Laytham (The Scott Laytham and Karl Holmes Duo) recently suggested that I interview Tyler on my podcast. Not long after that I received a call from Tyler asking if I’d like to have him on my show. I accepted without hesitation, and I’m so glad I did. Tyler and I had a great time digging deep into his background, influences, and career, as well as a fascinating discussion of music therapy, especially as it’s applied in hospice care.

Hear Tyler talk about being discovered and encouraged at a very young age by two blues greats, Devon Allman and Marquis Knox. He also lists musicians he’s been privileged to be associated with: Dave Black, Tom Byrne, Yonrico Scott, Keith Robinson, Valerie Jo Kirchhoff, Dan Connor, and others.

Special thanks to Myles Kelly for letting us record at his studio, The Live Room.

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