We held our “Grand Opening” Sunday evening, July l, by posting a brief announcement as status updates on our personal Facebook pages.

Here’s my post:

So many Facebook friends have commented on our check-ins from free concerts around town that we were compelled to create a website and Facebook page about our favorite social pastime. Today is the official launch FreeConcertsSTL.com. Please consider joining our online community so you can be kept up to date on the wealth of great free entertainment in our town.

Hopefully we’ll see you at some of these events. In the meantime, Like us on facebook and visit our website early and often. See you soon!

Here’s Deb’s:

You know how much I love outdoor free concerts. Romondo and I attend one at least once a week. It only seemed fitting that we would develop a website to share our love with the rest of you. Freeconcertsstl.com will be much more than just a calendar of events. We will share information about the concert community, the music, and the venues. You’ll be surprised at how much this city has to offer. Help us make it a success. Please like us on facebook and share it with your friends.

There’s so much more to come.

We had three Likes when we launched, Tracy Bodenbach, Deb and me. Since posting those messages—about 8:30 Sunday evening—we gained another 32 likes by the time I posted this at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday). The climb was helped along with the use of Facebook’s Build Audience>Invite Friends feature. Deb’s also inviting her Facebook friends and we’ll both scan our email inboxes for contacts we believe aren’t on Facebook. We wouldn’t want to leave those folks out.

The best news for us is that we’re now starting to see people join who we don’t know. That means the viral effect is working—people seeing FC on their friend’s site and then joining in. We love it!

We also love seeing people comment on our wall or about us via their status updates: Thanks Tracy, Becca, Ceci, Kimberly, Karen and Caryn.

One more note: If you are a performer, or you know of a group or performer who is appearing around town soon, let us know via the form on our Contact page. Thanks!