It’s the free concerts lifestyle

For at least the past five years, Deb and I have been regulars at the Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. We also became fans of Twilight Tuesdays at the Missouri History Museum. We attend other events including ones sponsored by the Chesterfield of Commerce, the City of Des Peres, the City of Olivette and other communities.

The attraction for us is not that the concerts are free, or that the music particularly appeals to us. We often attend shows when we think we might not be crazy about the featured artist or genre. What really draws us out of our air conditioned homes in the heat of summer is the experience of relaxing with friends, family and strangers, drinking a glass of wine, enjoying a simple meal, and for me, taking photos.

Our love for attending free concerts is so well-known among our friends and family that they expect us to go and often ask us if we enjoyed the show. More than a few have commented about how often we get out. Here’s a sampling from Facebook:

Bill Bunkers:

So what’s with all the nightly music concerts – are you guys doing a tour of every park in the StL area? Looks like an awful lot of fun and a great way to live.

Randy Mayfield:

Dude, you are hilarious. You’re at a concert or “in the park” event almost every night. What a life! Have fun!

Scott Keymer:

You and Deb have much more interesting lives than we do. Where do you find out about all the cool events you two attend?

All this personal pleasure and recognition has inspired us to create this website and it’s companion Facebook page. It’s been a lot of hard work building the site, doing the research, loading up the calendar, and processing the photographs, but it’s a labor of love. We hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, we hope to see you out and about at Free Concerts in St. Louis.

We want this site to be a community affair, so please offer your suggestions and ideas, and most of all, if you know of any concerts we missed, please let us know. Use the form on our Contact page.