St. Louis concert-goers owe the sponsors a huge vote of thanks

I think it’s safe to say that promoting local art is a good thing. Art is how many of us unwind, a catalyst for our appreciation of beauty. Art is an attempt to reach into the cosmos of the abstract and connect to a deep and inset part of our being. Without art, the world is tasteless and bland. This is true of all forms of creativity as well: painting, writing, sculpting, etc.

But, the downfall of many would-be professional artists is the fact that local artistry is far less than lucrative. Between rent checks and student loans and groceries, artists often struggle to get by. This is especially true of musicians. There are many individuals and bands that are fighting to be able to continue making their music and sharing it with an eager public. Music is a part of all of our lives, and without it, life would be pretty boring.

It’s a real blessing, then, when companies and organizations step in and help. The sponsorship efforts of many local businesses ensure that music will continue to be made and shared for as long as there is an audience to hear it. I think it’s imperative that we stand with these sponsoring entities by thanking them for their sponsorship with our own patronage. Sponsoring local music is a great act of provision and is well deserving of our gratitude. By patronizing these establishments, we can encourage business to continue in their sponsorship of local arts for a long time to come.