Sure, there are lots of good sources of information about free concerts in St. Louis. Just do a Google search for “free concerts in St. Louis” and you’ll find pages full of websites that list events in various ways, all including links to other websites. Most of these sites organize the links in a sensible way. Some are easy to browse. Others, not so much.

In our next post we’ll tell you about the inspiration behind this site. This post is about how we’re trying to recreate the wheel but add bells and whistles that will make it more useful and easier to integrate into your active lifestyle.

First off, we use WordPress, the fastest way to create exceptional web experiences (let us know if you have any suggestions of how we could make this one better). We wanted to offer a calendar interface that allows you to browse the way that best suites you; by the month or the week, or by categories; venue, sponsor, genre and more. 

It’s not about the easy-to-browse calendar. No. It’s more about what makes it better than all the rest. Any site can have a listing, an aggregator of information. Our site is about community, a community of people who like to get out and take advantage of the rich culture we have in St. Louis of artists, parks, venues, generous sponsors and people like us.

And who are we, the people who are not afraid to venture out of our urban or suburban residences, into the heat, humidity and threat of rain to enjoy the music—and more importantly—the community characterized by people toting lawn chairs and picnic baskets.